Are you working in science communication and education in Norfolk? Do you need a speaker, would like to visit a science research centre or need help with a science event? Or do you have a general interest in science and want to find out what’s going on near you? SOIN may be able to help.

SOIN links academic outreach practitioners and science communicators in Norfolk, SOIN maximises collaboration and ensures effective use of resources

SOIN members meet 2 to 3 times a year and keep in contact via an email newsgroup to share information, keep up to date with what’s going on, avoid duplication, help each other with advertising and coordinating activities, share resources and generally help each other do the best they can.

We range from independant science communicators who can provide science shows in schools or at major events to specialised communications experts in a wide range of science topics to science education experts providing support for teachers, pupils and career advisors. We offer workshops for gifted and talented students to events for the public at a range of venues including the annual Science in Norwich Day held at the Forum.