An evening with Plant Scientists

In celebration of the first ever International Fascination of Plants Day with over 39 countries taking part, the John Innes Centre, home to some of the best plant scientists in the world asked some of them, amongst other things, why plants?  What is that fascinates them about plants and what is it they want to find out about them?

In conversation with Richard Hollingham, Professors Caroline Dean, Alison Smith, Giles Oldroyd and Martin Howard reveal all about their careers and research.

Richard Hollingham is a Norwich-born science journalist, writer and broadcaster specialising in the environment. As a current affairs presenter and reporter for BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4, he has filed stories from more than 40 countries. These include a programme from inside the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, an investigative series on GM crops and reports from Russia (several times), Libya, Antarctica (twice), Vietnam, and from an ice floe in the Artic.  A former senior producer for the BBCs flagship news programme, Today, he was also its first science producer.

Richard is the Editor of the UK Space Agencys space:uk magazine, presenter of the Plant Earth Podcast and also anchors live TV broadcasts for the European Space Agency. Author of Blood and guts: a history of surgery and co-author of How to clone the perfect blond, he has written for New Scientist, Discover and most national newspapers.