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6 Tips for Beating the Menopause Weight Gain Situation

When women reach a certain age, usually about 45 or 50 years of age, they go into menopause. This is a period of time where the body undergoes certain changes and this upsets the metabolism and the hormonal balances in the body. All of this makes it more likely, but not inevitable, for women to gain weight. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this weight gain. The following tips will help you avoid the drastic weight gain that menopause brings or at least help you to lose some of the weight.

Base your meals on lean proteins for best results. Protein foods are more filling than starch-based foods and it also gives all the minerals and things that your body needs for optimal functioning. Try to base your meals around lean proteins like fish and chicken and add lots of fresh vegetables. You can eat as many green vegetables as you like without taking in any unwanted calories.

Get some exercise to get the metabolism going. Activity is important throughout life and if you haven’t made a habit of exercising daily, now is the time. Keeping active keeps the body strong and burns calories that will help with weight loss. Exercise also has many other benefits like strengthening bones, reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis, keeping the heart healthy, etc. Strength training and a bit of cardio is a good way to start. Go for a walk everyday and lift some weight three times a week and you feel great and look great.

Eat more frequently during the day. More frequent meals will help keep your metabolism speed. During menopause, the metabolic rate slows down which means that you need to keep it working through smaller, more frequent meals and exercise.

Take the necessary supplements. You may also find that your body needs some extra support to keep everything going. A good multi-vitamin and calcium supplements are always a good idea. Fish oils will also help with keeping you healthy and not hindering weight loss. When your body lacks something it tends to go on the defence and taking supplements will help prevent this.

Avoid drinks with lots of calories. A lot of the things that we drink tend to be high in sugar and calories without us even realising it. Be aware of the calories in the cold drinks and alcohol that you consume. There are many hidden sugars. Instead of drinking these beverages, stick to water. Your body needs a lot of it and you can make lemon water or cucumber water that is refreshing and delicious.

Make use of weight-loss medication. The last resort may be to use weight-loss medication. You can get Orlistat on prescription from your doctor and this will aid weight loss by reducing the amount of fat that the body absorbs from your meals. Check with your doctor before taking any of these types of medication.

These simple tips should help you get your body trained before and during menopause to avoid gaining lots of weight. Changes in metabolism and hormone balances are normal in menopause but these tips will help you balance it all out.

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