Disadvantages of Stem Cell Research

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Stem cell research has helped to make several amazing medical discoveries. It offers a multitude of medical benefits and has the ability to save many lives. However, it is a very controversial topic when it comes to ethics. The very basic idea behind stem cell research involves creating and killing human life. In this lies the objections and issues that people have with stem cell research. Despite the advantages of the research, it holds more disadvantages according to some. Here are the disadvantages that they put forward:

It is still just theory – Until the techniques of stem cell research are successfully proven effective, it remains just research. The cures that it is said to bring out is still many years away from being realised. Many of the people against stem cell research would rather have researchers focus on more pressing and current problems than something that may work or may be effective in a few decades.

It is likened to murder – Once research on an embryonic stem cell has been completed or another one is needed, the used blastocyte must be destroyed. A blastocyte is basically a fertilised human egg. For this reason, opponents of stem cell research view it as murder.

The cells can be rejected – The cells used to help one person is derived from the cells of another person. There is no guarantee that the body of the receiver will accept the organ or cells. There are definite risks of cell or organ rejection of from the new host.

Unknown side effects – In order to see what the effect of a cure is, it needs to be used on people. Unfortunately, part of this process also involves learning about the negative and sometimes long-term side-effects. The question arises whether it is accepted to sacrifice one person’s life for the good of everyone else?

There is still a lot to be tested and learned when it comes to stem cell research. Chances are that there will always be those for and those against. We will have to see what the future holds to see how this one ends.