5 of the Greatest Medical

5 of the Greatest Medical Discoveries to Date

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In the last few decades, amazing discoveries have been made in many different areas. In medical research alone, there have been discoveries that have changed our lives. Most of us cannot even remember how we got along with some of these discoveries. So, let’s have a look at some of the greatest medical discoveries in recent years.



The Circulatory System by Ibn al-Nafis. Ibn al-Nafis first described the circulatory system in 1242 and it was only brought into the light in 1628 by William Harvey. The discovery and further investigation of this system have made it possible for doctors to understand the body much better. It also helped to develop treatments and techniques involved with medicine that has made amazing differences in healthcare.


HIV discovered by Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier. HIV was only discovered in the 1980s which makes it one of the more recent ones. It is an incurable disease, but its discovery has helped to create awareness about the dangers of unprotected sex. Its discovery has also led to treatments to help manage the disease.


X-Ray discovered by Conrad Rontgen. He made the discovery in 1895. The discovery of x-rays has made it possible to understand the human body even further and it has made identifying problems with bones so much easier.


Vitamins discovered by Frederick Hopkins. The discovery of vitamins in the 1900s has made it possible to understand nutrients and what the body needs much better. It also led to the prevention of illnesses and conditions that result from deficiencies of these vitamins.


DNA by Friedrich Miescher. The Swiss physician discovered DNA and originally called it ‘nuclein’. His discovery may be one of the most important of the medical discoveries so far. DNA has made it possible for us to understand diseases, genetics, illnesses, the nature of humanity, evolution, etc. It will no doubt continue to help researchers learn more about the human body, nature, and how illness is carried over in years to come.

These discoveries have forever changed the world and human life. Many of them will continue to be expanded and studied and will likely lead to even more great improvements and advances in the medical and other fields.