Benefits of Prescription Drugs

The Unknown Benefits of Prescription Drugs that Will Surprise You

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We are always warned against the side effects of medication and encouraged to use them as little as possible. However, recent studies have found that there are also positive side effects of regular prescription drugs that can improve your health and help fight disease. Have a look at the following medications that have surprise positive side effects.


Flu Shots – The flu shot can help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular complications by almost 50%. It has to do with the shot blocking inflammatory responses that protect the arteries. When the arteries are safe from rupturing, it lowers the chance of a cardiac episode.





Levodopa and dopamine agonists – Levodopa and other dopamine agonists are prescribed to Parkinson’s patients. It was recently found that, despite the loss of motor skills, Parkinson’s patients seem to retain their creative abilities. It seems that these dopamine agonists have the ability to improve artistic capacities and creative faculties.




Cholesterol medication – Statins are often prescribed for people with high cholesterol These statins seem to help to reduce the risk of dying of cancer. Studies were done to see what the effect is in cancer patients. It seems that the statins reduce the rate at which cancer spreads which in turn reduces the risk of dying from cancer.





Aspirin – It is a well-known fact that many adults use aspirin daily to prevent heart attacks. This practice can also reduce the risk in men to develop colon or prostate cancer. Several studies have been done and they all found that a daily dose of aspirin lowers the risk of dying from prostate cancer or colon cancer.





Metformin for diabetes – It seems that improved insulin response in the body helps to prevent the development of breast cancer. In recent studies, it was found that women who took metformin for a period of three years, had drastically reduced their risk of developing breast cancer.

These findings are very interesting. We strongly advise against taking up any of these medications without consulting your physician or oncologist first.