Our Sponsors

SOIN magazine is a respected online source of medical research and science information. Any magazine needs funds to remain in business and SOIN magazine is very fortunate to have some great sponsors. These sponsors help them to be able to do research and keep writing and publishing important information and doing exposes that help the public understand what is going on in the world of medical research.

SOIN is very fortunate and very grateful to have these organisations as their sponsors:

UK Medical Research Friends

This organisation has done a lot to help medical research reach new heights to help improve the lives of people living with chronic and fatal diseases. They fund most of SOIN’s own research projects into labs and research projects at big corporations.

JM Jones Photography

JM Jones has some of the best photographers in the world and they often do pro bono work to help expose bad practice and also to make sure that SOIN magazine has the best pictures on their pages. These photographers are very brave and never stop until they find their proof.

Rockcliffe Community Medicine

The local medical centre is very much involved in research themselves and often collaborate with SOIN to finish research or to find the right candidates for medical trials. They have been very successful in treating patients with diabetes and related diseases.

Dr ABH Carver

Dr Carver is a local legend and a very well-respected doctor. He is retired but donates funds to SOIN magazine every year to support their publication and their research efforts. Without his help, many articles would not have been written.

SOIN thanks every one of these sponsors for all their contributions. They are the reason why SOIN is still alive.